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Welcome To My BloG x)

Hey It's me Ruma..
about me, im an ELF I love Super Junior alot....& in za 1st place im a SparKyu, I love Kyuhyun like crazy, I've never loved an idol like him before (♥♥,)

About my dreams, I want 2 be a mangaka....and 2 build a caring shop 4 the homeless cats in the streets, something like shelter for cats.



Since announcing the Ladies’ Code Worldwide Candlelight Vigil, fans have begun posting images and tweeting their messages of support and love towards EunB and RiSe. 

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acting like a dork at airport - guide by eunhyuk (ft. donghae)

140831 Super Junior - Mamacita @ Inkigayo

140830 Super Junior T shirt Mucore

<3 . <3


Here comes the queen…Has to keep waving no matter what happens….lol xD

What are your introduction during rookie days?

happy eunhae at haneda airport

Elf-Japan Magazine August Issue-Kyuhyun (cr.梦希_)

She likes my - Shirt Shirt Shirt!

Hyukjae <3

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